That’s the time we envisioned for our aircraft building project. The adventure started 27th of August 2018, 5 years ago exactly. Spirit of Sion is not quite ready for takeoff but is getting closer every week…

During such a project it’s important, if not vital, not to focus on the goal but to enjoy every step of the build process to its true value. Those last 5 years have been pure pleasure. Challenges were many, but every time we found solutions, often helped by the incredible aviator builder community. The choices to be made and the decisions to be taken happened nearly daily, moments of discouragement or doubts were luckily mostly inexistant.

When you think about it, it’s crazy to be able to build an aircraft in your basement ! I had this thought numerous time opening the door of the workshop and realizing that the assemblies we were working on, little by little, were taking the shape of an aircraft, a real one !

What remains to be done ? Almost everything ! We are at the stage where everything is started but nothing completed. That’s the famous 90/90 rule or how to underestimate the time and effort needed to accomplish a major project.

The rule states : 90% of the work done, 90% to be done ! It’s valid for the majority of aircraft building project and seems to apply to ours too…

To a lesser extent, we hope !